Hello everyone! I'm Natalie. I've recently been introduced to Primal Blueprint. I'm not quite through the entire book yet but I plan on beginning my journey as soon as I finish and incorporating as much primal wisdom as possible into my diet and exercise regime until then. I shouldn't be too much longer! Christmas is right around the corner and I do not want to be stuck in the ever-present holiday food trap. Those pesky leftovers never seem to leave, right?

I'm very excited to begin this journey. I've struggled with being overweight my entire life. In fact, as far as my memory allows, every single doctor appointment has been accompanied by, "You need to lose weight." My thyroid is hypo and I'm currently on 30mg of armour. Does anyone have any reversal stories concerning this? I'd love to get off of this medication. I've also had to be on birth control pills since 8th grade due to extremely irregular menstrual cycles (I'm 25 now, so you can imagine...). There's a history of ovarian and breast cancer in my family, as well as stroke.

I'm looking to change my health track for the rest of my life. I'm also looking for support and Primal friendship through this forum. I'd love to chat with you and learn about your experiences.