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Thread: The Estrogen Dilemma

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    Jo, Thanks so much for sharing that information about Dr. McCleary's ketogenic cocktail. I just ordered his book, "The Brain Trust Program" and can't wait to read it. I will be trying his ketogenic cocktail in hopes it will knock down some of these debilitating symptoms. I have just started to increase the coconut oil in my diet in hopes it will help with energy levels, I understand it is much more easiliy metabolized as energy than many other forms of fat due to the abundance of medium chain fatty acids. Dr. Christine Northrup recommends L-Glutamine supplements to quickly supply the brain with energy and knock down sweet cravings when they occur. She recommends you take it as needed - when you feel tired and hungry and craving. It should be able to supply the brain with energy almost immediately, bypassing the need for glucose. I ordered some of that too, we'll see if it helps.

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    Hey ladies!
    I just listened to a fabulous radio show on female hormones and the adrenals, hosted by Nora Gedgaudas of Primal Body-Primal Mind:

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