My name is Jimmy, I am 57 years old. For 20sum years I have been diabetic.
How primal am I: I have dabled for a few months. I still eat a little grain products and sweets. I am serious about changing that and becoming totally primal, leaving my poor eating habits behind me. I am married and want to be a great husband, and grand father, but being overweight (obese) I am incapable of being the best that I can be.
I am reading the Primal Blueprint and plan on starting a 30 day change. I am starting now Dec. 22nd 2012. I was going to wait till the first of January but after my bought with a bad stomach last night from eating grains yesterday, I have decided to start now. For my first meal today I had bacon, egg, cheese. I am thinking about stopping cheese also. I believe it hinders my advancement to better health. I am excited to do this, the longest I was primal has been 5 days in a row. I know what to expect and I am prepared for it, so the journey begins now.