After a lot of searching and considering the direction I wanted to take, I finally picked up a routine. It's an olympic lifting one for beginners and I modified the second of three days for powerlifting movements. I'm loving the progress I've begun to make, but I'm working out for around an hour each session. At first I didn't mind, as it has me setting PRs and doing pullups often (previously underdeveloped biceps now getting large fast). However, over the last 3 days or so my breathing has become shallow and depressed. I tried to disregard it at first, but it feels like even when I consciously take a HUGE breath I can't fill my lungs completely (or even close to it). It's supposed to be a stress relief mechanism (I believe), so when I try and fail at filling my lungs I feel even greater stress and concern. Could it be my lack of sprinting, or should I cut my workout time down?

Many thanks to any responders.