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Thread: Wrestling with primal lifestyle...

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    Wrestling with primal lifestyle...

    Hi all I've been lurking the forums/site for a while now but finally decided to ask a few burning questions...

    I made the transition to Primal in late August and have probably been doing it about 85-90% of the time since. My vegetable to meat intake ratio is probably something like 65/35. Before then, I was a low-fat vegan and had also more or less eliminated processed foods and sweets from my diet (the only "sweets" I consume now are fruits). I had a really hard time adjusting from burning carbs to burning fat and was extremely lethargic for about three to four weeks, but I think I eventually made it over the hump.

    Since switching over to Primal I've noticed some changes - my body is significantly leaner, I rebuild muscle faster, my eyelashes and brows have grown thicker and longer, my teeth are cleaner and whiter, and some minor skin blotching disappeared. I've also lost a little bit of weight overall - although I am twenty-one years young and my weight fluctuates wildly (if I miss a meal or take a break from exercise for a couple of days I easily lose four to five pounds). However, the trade-off is that I've started to have sleep issues and am still not over this feeling general lethargy. It's not that I have trouble sleeping - I just seem to only be able to sleep 6.5-7 hours now (at most, and on a good night), and when I wake, I still feel tired and can't get back to sleep. To compensate, I have to take a nap somewhere in my day and that's often hard to schedule in as I have a busy lifestyle. When I was vegan I easily got eight hours and felt awake and present throughout the day.

    I exercise about five times a week now. (When I was vegan it was more like six times a week, or even 13/14 days.) Two of those days I do HIIT for about 35-45 minutes, two of those days I do aerobic lifting exercises (with not-so-heavy weights, usually 8 lb barbells) for about the same amount of time, and one of those days I do tabata sprints for 15-20 minutes, or dance. On occasion I also participate in kickboxing. I really enjoy exercise but feel less motivated to do it now that I've switched over to Primal. On one hand, that's a good thing because it gives me more time to do other things, and it's true that I need to work less to maintain my physique. On the other hand I've grown to love and need the endorphin release that follows a good work-out.

    I feel like my body should have figured it out by now but it hasn't... And I'm feeling like I should return to being vegan but I'm not quite ready to give up just yet... perhaps I need to add some supplements to my diet? Any thoughts and ideas are greatly appreciated.

    P.S. One last thing - and apologies if this is uncalled for - but my bowel movements have also been more difficult since switching to Primal... wondering if anyone has thoughts on this as well
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