Ok, relying on all you smart people here.

Wife and I both have problems with back, neck etc. Story is, found a chiropractor that has this new thing called Shock Therapy. Emailed to see how much it was for a treatment and got the "you'll have to come in and talk to him as there are different treatments etc." Should have been a red flag. Talks to us both and sends us for xrays. Charged 100 bucks for the two of us. Ok, first visit I get it. Go back for the results. Talks to us about how it's our posture and how he could fix it. Leaves and the manager steps in to talk to us about a treatment programn. It's 6 months and we can save money if we do the plan rather than pay as we go. It's $3,500.00 each...yes EACH!. Ok....wife is thinking, it makes sense and if it does fix us, how do you put a price on health? Get home and we were emailed another bill for another $100.00. Now I'm pissed! I've been to well over a dozen chiropractors over the years with moving etc. Yes, first visit is always a little more, but they atleast give you an adjustment so you feel better. For $200.00 all we got is told how much this is going to cost us.

Ok...sorry for the long winded story ie rant.

I've been searching the net, but not coming up with anything real good. Anyone know of anything a person can do to improve their posture? This guy had a rig (weights) to wear on your head while watching t.v. to improve your neck curve. I know it works as they did xrays of neck, then put the gear on and had you sit for 10 minutes and then xray'd you again while wearing it. Unreal how much your neck came into line.

Anyway. If anyone has anything methods for posture, please let me know.

Thanking you in advance for any and all replies.