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Thread: Unintentional Survival Week

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    Unintentional Survival Week

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    Well here we go, survival week time for me. Like the title says I didn't really plan this, but hell it's not like Grok had that luxury either. I only brought back 3 dozen eggs and bout 10 bags of frozen veggies with me back to school and I killed off the eggs over the past week and now I'm down to like 4 bags of veggies (I'm also on meal plan so I get chicken/beef with bacon once or twice a day). I figure since I head back home on wednesday it isn't worth the money to get more so time to survive. Anyone else want in?

    My goals:
    1) No buying food
    2) IF at least one meal a day (breakfast most likely)
    3) Under 30 grams of carbs a day
    4) 2 to 3 24hr IFs
    5) No fruits, treats, or booze (well maybe a little whiskey )

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    I'm most definitely in. I like the idea of an unplanned survival week!

    My goals:
    1)IF at least one meal a day
    2)Under 30 grams of carb a day
    3)2 to 3 24 hr IF's
    4)No treats (chocolate) or booze

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