That as long as I eat quite a bit of offal, ensure my meat intake is varied (chicken, sardines, tuna, mackrel, ox liver, pigs liver, ox kidneys, marrow, beef, pork, chicken liver, pheasant, lamb, scratchings/crackling, anchovies, trotters, tongue...etc have all been going in recently) and eat full-fat dairy and eggs, I don't have any issue not eating veg for several days. As in, I'm not losing fat, not feeling unwell; just eating liver bacon and eggs for breakfast, IFing over lunch and having roast chicken with extra butter for dinner, at most a handful of nuts or an apple at some point, and carrying on over four or five days. End of the "meat feast" arrives and I'll have had an apple, a fistful of hazelnuts and half a small carrot over 5 days. And nothing feels wrong. I just pick up some veg when I finally feel like it.

Doubt it's SUSTAINABLE on its own, but, as part of a Paleo/Primal life, it makes me feel encouraged to just eat whatever the hell I want: no veg = no problems. So, if I don't feel like veg, I won't eat it until I feel like it again. No counting, no "five-a-day", no worrying that I'm not getting "enough"... So much damn freedom!

So, what newfound freedoms are you discovering with a Primal life?