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Thread: Ceramic-coated pans

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    Thank you so much for your tips. I'll give my Lodge more go's on my stove. I've used it like 4 times total xD

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    Quote Originally Posted by Damiana View Post
    No I wouldn't. I'm intrinsically turned off by environmentally healthy claims, especially if they're made by a product that's manufactured in China. I'd stick to uncoated metal pans for cooking.
    Yup, like cast iron. Made in the USA.

    Or my 45 years or older cast iron pans that I have had forever.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NewGrayMare View Post
    I have seriously been considering one of these; but, like Damiana, I'm kind of put off by their environmentally friendly claims. For one thing, these pans haven't been on the market for very long, so we don't know what they could potentially do to us.

    I do need new pans, though. I'm still using the non-stick T-Fal that was given to me as a wedding present 5 years ago. I want to get cast iron pans, but can't afford it. I'm hoping I'll get some money this Christmas and can get a new 10" cast iron skillet.

    Cast iron skillets last forever. Check thrift stores. Even if they are well used they can be cleaned up, de-rusted, and re-seasoned. They last a lifetime.

    T-fal is probably the only non-stick I trust. I have one teeny T-fal pan which will hold exactly two eggs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sakura_girl View Post
    I want the ceramic coating so that metals don't leech into my food. I don't want extra iron from cast iron; I eat plenty of iron, and tomatoes to boot. And obviously, I don't want aluminum or stainless steel doing so either.
    I had the same concerns about cast iron giving me too much iron.

    But I got one anyways, simply because the enameled pans were too expensive. Thinking of checking my iron levels in the future, just in case. But I'm not that concerned. Iron leaching into my food is better than PFOA/PTFE, aluminum, or nickel (from stainless steel).
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