So, here's a thread for everything we see in moder advertisements that lies or uses flawed logic to sell a product or an idea that isn't good for you!

Example (The Snickers "Diva" Locker-Room Advert):

Lies it Promotes:
-You shouldn't go hungry, ever!
-Especially not men! (Whilst you CAN SORTA argue that IFing harms a number of women, there's no evidence AT ALL it harms men.)
-A sugary snack will fix your hunger and truly satisfy you!

Stupidity/Flawed Argument:
-Correlates peanuts with "nuts".
-Implies that masculine men don't have the patience to wait until lunch and should cave into cravings.
-Ignores the fact that high sugar = weight-gain = higher estrogen proportions = less manliness.

Tools used:
-Name-calling. (Men who fast are "Divas", aka "girly".)
-Appeal to popularity. (Your mates want you to eat Snickers! And you'll ALL get along better if you do!)
-Use of healthy, muscular actors, to correlate healthy, physically active, masculine men with sugary, veg-oil-filled rubbish.

Feel free to add and analyse any adverts YOU find frustrating!