I will start by saying, I am overweight.

I have been doing the Primal thing since January of 2012 and I've lost a total of 25lb so far. I had initially planned on losing more weight before trying to have another baby, but 'things happened' and we've found that we are expecting our third child in August next year.

I do not *want* to lose weight during pregnancy, but eating somewhat low carb and cutting out dairy (which makes me sick during pregnancy), combined with food aversions and morning sickness, tend to make me lose weight. My hubby and I were also planning on trying out Whole30 in January to mark our 1-year of Primal Living.

As long as I am eating a healthy, balanced, Paleo diet, is it okay if I continue to lose small amounts of weight during the first trimester? I am almost afraid to go dairy free because the last time I did it, I immediately dropped 10lb.

Also, does anyone have any GREAT resources for Paleo Pregnancy?