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Thread: heartburn remedy?

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    heartburn remedy?

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    i see lots of people have posted that they've been having issues with heartburn since going primal, and i am suffering as well. other than trying to decrease fats a little, are there any remedies out there that could help? are there any foods that one can eat that won't make me feel like satan is living in my chest?
    any help would be appreciated!

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    Digestive enzymes.

    Back when I first started looking into nutrition, I read that heartburn is caused not when you have too much acid, but too little acid to digest food quickly. My mom had heartburn for years. I got her to start taking enzymes and her heartburn went away.

    My dad had an alternate remedy that sort of happened by accident. His heartburn stopped when he went to the chiropractor for another problem. Something about the way the nerves in the spine affect organ function. I don't remember the details.

    Either route is something to look up and consider. I've never had heartburn myself.

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