Hello, I am still fairly new to the primal diet, but I have been doing quite well with it. I am a powerlifter (22/f/64 in/115 lbs), and a former anorexic with a very high metabolism. Due to the constraints of my job and studies, I like to lift in the early morning. However, this has led to some problems when it comes to my morning meals. If I go to the gym without eating, I tend to get lightheaded and I have fainted once. If I eat breakfast before lifting or sprinting, I feel very sick and have to leave early. I solved this problem before the paleo diet by having gatorade before and during my workouts, then eating a very large breakfast after my lifting. Now I am trying to avoid sugar (which gatorade is chock full of), so I am not sure how to solve the problem.

I have tried eating a large protein and fat-rich meal before bed, but I wake up hungry anyway. Has anyone found a good, fast energy source that would be easy on one's digestive system for before and during the gym?

Also, out of curiosity, has anyone else on here ever had an eating disorder? I have been a bit worried about relapsing, since the weight loss benefits of the diet are widely touted. I am not looking to lose weight, I am just looking to be healthy and live longer, while getting stronger.