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All I meant by disordered eating is that I've never been a 'three squares, two snacks' kind of person. I graze most days which might not be so detrimental if I wasn't having two or three hearty meals along with. As a child and through my teenage years I struggled with binge eating but since getting my weight (relatively) under control this hasn't been an issue.

I do consider myself fat-adapted at this point...going for hours without eating isn't an issue (pre-Primal is certainly was and in a lot of cases eating something after going many hours without would trigger reactive hypoglycemia, which I'd then eat more to offset, and so on...) and it's not abnormal for me to work out in a semi-fasted state (late morning with not much besides some coffee and supplements in my belly). At this point, it's more about sorting out the psychological aspect of hunger - learning to ignore the 'head hunger', as it were. I have fat to lose and I know that just eating less is going to be the ticket to accomplishing that, and I know I'd be eating less through the day if I was only eating when I was truly hungry.

Thanks for your comments!

Oh, I see...so we are not talking anorexia or bulimia here. Well then that does open up some other avenues.