i am joining the royal marines and i want to get max scores on the PRMC (pre royal marines course)
morning test
1.5 miles(2.4k) in 12.30mins as a group followed by 1 min rest then second
1.5 miler best effort solo run, to get max score 8.15 mins. my current score 10.30mins. aim 8mins
afternoon tests
beep test max score 13. my current score 10.5. aim 15
press ups max score 60 in 2min's. my current score high 80's. aim 100
sit up score 85 in 2 min's. current low 70's. aim 100
pull up score 11. current 8-9. aim 20

there are more tests but none i can specificaly train for

i am 20 years old
182 pounds (13 stone)
6'0 feet
relitivly low bodyfat percentage (6 pack under good lightling )
i would like a training program that would let me max the scores in 8- 12 weeks please it would much apreciated

if the recomended training routine or diet recomendations are bad for my health it doesnt matter to much, il worry about health when iv finished the 32 week course :]

i am aware i wont make all my aims but at the end of the day a pass is a pass :] but idealy i wanna impress coz there only taking the cream of the crop at the mo
thanx again for your time