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Thread: Has Primal HELPED anyone's IBS-like symptoms?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BestBetter View Post
    Switching to a paleo/primal die gave me the worst IBS flares of my life.

    I'm now eating more in line with The Perfect Health Diet, which is an ancestral diet that share similarities with primal, but is higher in starches. Vegetables are one of my IBS triggers, and when I stopped eating all those leafy greens and replaced them with low fiber things like potatoes and white rice, my digestive system was much happier.

    I wrote pretty extensively about it, and what I did to heal myself here:
    That is a dynamite thread - thank you!

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    I have near complete resolution of IBS issues

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    Quote Originally Posted by BoldAsLove View Post
    I keep seeing all these posts where people say that eating primal has made stomach issues worse rather than better (or created stomach issues that were not there before). I've had the TOTAL opposite effect. I have some severe IBS-like symptoms stemming from endometriosis that all but disappear when I'm eating clean/primal. Interestingly, I don't "go" any more often (sorry TMI) when primal, but I'm much less bloated and don't have painful stomach cramps. My reflux also disappears, except in serious times of stress.

    In sum, am I the outlier ... or does eating primal help anyone else in this area?
    Eating unprocessed foods will have positive effects on anyone. It has nothing to do with being primal.

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