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Thread: Anyone cut fat to increase weight loss?

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    How do you define "too much" fat? If you are only consuming 20g. carbs daily, you need adequate fat to sustain yourself and your daily activities.
    If you make up by adding more protein, converting all that extra protein into glucose, for energy - glycogenesis could be taxing on your body.

    If you are plateaued, I'd suggest trying something new and different, like adding more carbs, a little at a time.

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    If you have plateaued you may have inflammation. That happens with me. So I have to focus on reducing inflammation in order to lose more weight.

    The amount of fat you need for fat loss depends on how much you are eating. When I was eating what the dietician (prepaleo) I cut the amount to almost nothing and kept on putting on weight. In order to lose weight I had to increase my fat by a factor of 10. But that was from a very low starting point.

    If you are already on 50+% fat and too many calories for you at the moment then you may need to just drop a little. There does come a point when the quantity is just too great.

    So I'd look at whether inflammation could be a problem, then look at quantity and proportions.

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    Not so much cut fat as went back to not adding fat. So for eg., before primal I used cooking spray to fry eggs. Then when I found primal, I tossed the cooking spray and fried my eggs in at least tablespoon of butter. Since I don't want to go back to the nastiness that is cooking spray, now when I fry an egg, I use a thin sliver of butter (less than a teaspoon).

    Also, I don't concentrate on macros on a daily basis because my eating varies. On the days I eat cheese, I know my fat percentage is high. On the days I eat meat with only one six ounce serving of veggies, I know my carbs are low. And on the days I eat like a "normal" person, i.e., meat/fish, veggies, and maybe a potato or other root or even a cup of white rice, I know my macros are pretty balanced.

    For me, and so this doesn't mean for everyone, I lose weight on 1200 calories/day plus an hour or more walk at least 5x per week. The macros don't change this for me. What they do change is my hunger. If I'm starting to feel deprived, eating lower carb helps. Also, counterintuitively, I've found that a plateau can be broken with a nice 2000 calorie day. Weight pops up maybe a pound for a day, then starts to go down again. Again, that's just what works for me; I don't know if it works for anyone else.
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