When I started Primal initially the impact was so positive that I thought I had stumbled upon the second secret of Fatima... I was sure miracles were going to happen. Now it's nine months later and I have to admit that, while I have had some amazing results, it hasn't been all rosy.

There was recently a nice "This is working for me" thread, which counterbalanced the growing low carb grumble, but I'm really interested to know what people's overall experience of Primal has been? What are your positives and negatives? Has it helped you resolve specific ailments, or has it given you new things to worry about?

(I'm defining Primal as a diet with a focus on good fats, and unrefined food. For various reasons (weight / blood sugar control etc.) complex carbs are limited, making the diet moderate to low to very low carb.)

Here's me:

I was a vegetarian suffering from chronic insomnia, brain fog, low energy, and severe hypoglycemic reactions. I used to need to lie down a couple of times a day because my energy levels crashed so badly. I came to Primal hoping to improve my energy, my mood, and my insomnia.

- Energy initially improved a lot, and I don't have thrice-daily energy crashes anymore
- Eczema has vanished and I barely even need moisturizer!
- Never get spots any more (though I think this is because I stopped drinking tap water)
- Brain fog has completely lifted. I'm very sharp now, and even my reflexes have improved!
- Became waaaay more flexible (I'm assuming due to all the anti inflammatory foods I've been eating)
- Need to do a lot less exercise to maintain fitness levels
- Irregular period has regulated
- Blood sugar control definitely better - don't get the shakes anymore, and BS does not drop as low as it used to
- Body scent has changed completely - dont need to use deodorant and never have bad breath in the mornings!
- Random aches and pains have vanished
- Discovered the simple joy of coffee with cream

- Insomnia got significantly worse
- Diet triggered a relapse into binging behaviour
- (subsequently) put on weight: went from 18-19% body fat to probably 21%
- Have had some of the worst digestive problems of my life since going Primal - bloating, and severe constipation.

Nons (No change in):
- Rosacea
- Daily energy crashes are gone, but still have big energy crashes every couple of days
- Mood has stayed the same
- Never experienced the satiation or the lack of appetite that many people report. Even though I have better blood sugar control and can fast without much effort now, does this mean I never became "a fat burning beast"?

Overall, more pros than cons, but the cons are bigger issues so I think it's balanced out for me...!