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Thread: I Need Food Ideas!

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    In the kitchen I'm as good as a 6 year old. When my son left for uni, he was really worried if his mom and sis would starve themselves in a kitchen full of food. Well, we didn't We can:
    Cook the eggs. Put pan on stove, some fat/oil/butter in it, a handful of chopped bacon, 2- 3 eggs, heat, stir, till ready. Serve with spring onions and cucumber slices or tomatoes. Or microwave.
    Bake pork, chicken wings, any other meat in oven, supply for week. Just put the meat on flat pan, some salt, peppers on it, put the pan in hot oven for 20-25 min. Ready! Store the fat for cooking vegies.
    Here comes the hardest part - vegies. Can your 6-year old use the knife? Because you have to cut in smaller pieces carrots and others. Well, if slicing is OK, then just take any vegies you have for today, slice, put them on a normal frying pan, make the heat high at the beginning, low when the pan is hot, add the fat from the baked meat /coconut oil / olive oil/ butter, stir. When you think you don't feel like stirring any more, its ready. You can also pour some coconut milk over the vegies, as a sauce. Specially good over mushrooms + leeks.
    Bon appetit!

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    Doing my 30 day paleo challenge right now

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