Hello all! So, I have been primal for 4 months now. At first, things went swimmingly, but now my weight lost has stalled and I am constantly hungry. I eat tell I am satisfied and don't try to limit my calories. It seems that every 2 or so hours I have to eat again no matter how much I eat in the prior meal. Here is some additional information:

I eat 6-9 servings of vegetables a day.
My carb intake is from between 60-90 grams a day
I mostly eat beef, pork, and eggs for my meats.
I am consistently in minor ketosis (I use testing strips)
I have tried carb refeeds (300+ good carbs), but they fail to alleviate the problem
I get 6-8 hours of low level aerobic activity a week
I do a sprint workout every week
I have IBS
I take adderall and celexa
I supplement with digestive enzymes, COQ10, vitamin D, fish oil, and magnesium.
Despite attempts to increase sleep quality, I consistently wake up during the night and sleep poorly

Any thoughts, opinions, or solution would be greatly appreciated! This is very disheartening :/