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Thread: The "Eat More (or Moar) Fat" January Challenge

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    I am really loving reading about all the encouraging progress! Keep up the good work.

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    holy cow........ this is a busy thread! If I don't check in several times a day I find there are 30 new posts to catch up on! Way to go ladies (and gents???? are there any gents out there???)

    My weight is down a smidge this morning.
    1. Love ME no matter what noises are screaming at me, or who is trying to tear me down.
    2. Eat to heal
    3. Move to live
    4. Embrace today
    5. Live with intention
    6. Respect my body
    7. Cultivate joy
    8. Find my passion
    9. Meditate on peace in my soul

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    Ohio, its not the heart of it all
    I think I've seen one or two males pop in. We need more T in this thread!

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    OOOOK! I think I am going to end with a fab-food day. Its after lunch and my stats are

    So far the key for the protein issue is a single egg in the morning (I thought I would not make it.. with the help of a fat bomb I did) and then 3 oz of meat (today was carnitas). I made Marks paleo tortillas and their stats are amazing. I get 9 small ones in a batch and here are the stats:
    42 cal
    1.3 g protein
    .3 g carbs
    4.1 g fat

    In short, I think the macros are going to be inline today! I am feeling Gooooooood!

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    What am I doing? Depends on the day.

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    Sigi, great results! Have you been having these awful temps over there in Vic? It was still 28 degrees at 11 pm last night.
    Chris hope some of your puffiness goes down ASAP.
    Wow Pedidoc that is great results. What macros have you been going for?
    Calee, good luck and welcome
    Great Paula!, how exciting. I too love this energy that comes with eating higher fat.
    Awesome Karin, 5 lbs is great!
    Good on you for avoiding the nasty donuts Geo.
    I think its better to skip a workout if you don't feel great anyway Jenn. Hope the headache doesn't get too nasty.
    I didn't walk last night, it was still 38 degrees at 8pm, crazy! You are doing so great Karin

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    Ayla - those temps are huge. I could not cope in that heat.
    I wonder if its worth your while trying peppermint oil on the back of your neck to cool down ????? I use it when I have a headache - but think it might benefit you on the hot days.
    However use a cotton bud to apply it, cos if it gets into your eyes or any other orifaces - really stings !!!!!!

    well done everyone on your successes. I actually had a wee wine last night - (slaps hand), but still on track - so thats good
    have the best day peoples
    G x
    "never let the truth get in the way of a good story "

    ...small steps....

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    ooh will have to try that.

    Its much nicer early 20s today.

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    Ayla, super impressed that you can answer to each of us, especially given we are so many and so chatty!

    I grew up in Orlando, Florida, pre-Disney and pre-air conditioning! It is smack dab in the middle of the state and hot hot hot in summer, which is 9 months of the year. We used to powder our sheets after our showers to keep us from sticking to them. I will probably get some kind of cancer from breathing in the talc and whatever else they put in there, but it sure felt nice.
    "Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass. It is about learning to dance in the rain."

    My journal:

    My "Program": doing my version of a 4:3 - 3 day fast diet with real food every day, with a little twist of anti-inflammatory mixed in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ayla2010 View Post
    Sigi, great results! Have you been having these awful temps over there in Vic? It was still 28 degrees at 11 pm last night.
    Thanks Ayla.

    Yes, the weather over the past week has been *ridiculous* here too, over 40 on several days. It was 36 degrees when I went to bed at midnight the other night. Ack. Of course, today it's only going to be 20, and I just got rained on when I was out on my walk. *shakes head*

    For those O/S who don't know, Australia is having record-breaking temperatures this summer, and huge swathes of the country are on fire or under catastrophic fire warnings. Eh, we're used to that. But I heard on the news that yesterday we set a new record for the hottest average national temperature - OVER 40 DEGREES NATIONAL AVERAGE DAILY TEMPERATURE! (Gwamma, you'd better stay away for a few months, sweetheart ).
    I have the simplest tastes. I am always satisfied with the best.

    Oscar Wilde

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    yeah its been so crappy I don't do heat well. So grateful for aircon.
    Christ I am just not moving much at the moment, due to the awful pain I have in my back, so am posting heaps. Been updating my journal a bit about it all. Having a really down day about everything
    At least I haven't gone for a binge, so that is something.

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