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Thread: The "Eat More (or Moar) Fat" January Challenge

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    Quote Originally Posted by namelesswonder View Post
    To learn how to cook chicken pieces, I referred to Nom Nom Paleo's recipes.
    Damn Fine Chicken | Award-Winning Paleo Recipes | Nom Nom Paleo
    David Lebovitz's Super Easy Roast Chicken with Caramelized Shallots (Whole30 Style) | Award-Winning Paleo Recipes | Nom Nom Paleo
    Easiest Roast Chicken Ever | Award-Winning Paleo Recipes | Nom Nom Paleo

    Anywhere from 40-60 minutes, flipping halfway through, at 375-400*F, depending on how many pieces/how much chicken you have. In the last recipe, you don't flip it.

    I don't follow her recipes exactly, I just use whatever I have and they're always good.

    I've never used frozen brussel sprouts. Roasted fresh ones are very tasty with some balsamic vinaigrette and bacon.

    Thanks for the recipes. I do pretty good with simple things and this is easy enough. My husband loved to cook and was very relaxed about it, even enjoyed it. The better he got at it the less I wanted to cook.

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    I am tempted to get a blood ketone tester. They are abt $20. But the strips are about $5each.
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    Is there a way to know if you're in ketosis without the expense of the urine or blood strips? I'd love to know - but don't want to put out the money just for curiousities sake.

    I've read the urine kind can be a bit unreliable......... but I'd be stoked anyway to find a purple like Jenn! Thats way cool! You're doing something right - so don't change a thing!
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    Quote Originally Posted by tomi View Post
    Is there a way to know if you're in ketosis without the expense of the urine or blood strips? I'd love to know - but don't want to put out the money just for curiousities sake.
    Some people get a "tin" taste in their mouth. Most pee very 20-30 minutes. I notice the tin taste and a different smell to my urine. Hope this helps.
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    Wow, I'm offline for a few days and I miss everything!

    So good to see everyone off to such great starts.

    A note on the avocado... is it ripened? For me, I don't like avocados if they're still a bit hard. I like the taste much better when they've really softened up. Mmmmmmmmm

    JudyMac, the mention of fennel from your farmers market made me drool!

    Jackie, glad the surgery went well, I hope things continue well and that you can get the meds & eating sorted out!

    Day 4 for me went well. I cheated with Dark Chocolate, but I figure it was better than all the other things I could have eaten. Otherwise, I ate healthily to day. Happy day.

    Also, for those of you posting links to recipes, are you including them in the recipe group?

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    Cori that does not sound nice about your toes, hope it heals fast.
    Woo on the weight loss Geo!
    I too love this energy burst from all this fat, its incredible.
    Aw honeybuns, he is so damn cute!
    Great loss to start the year Jenn, hope it continues on a downward trend for you What is herb ox?
    Tomi do you think the almond butter caused the tummy issues? Ive tried it but not a fan. I made a tray of cacao butter, cacao liquor (or you could use cacao powder) coconut oil, macadamias, and coconut flakes, and I use it as a go for my fat snack if I need to. I am currently doing morning BP coffee x 2, then a dinner with mod protein, and lots of fats. Very little carbs, like under 30 g, like brocolli with butter or similar.
    Monday is my first full week, looking forward to seeing the results, although am checking weight daily :/ but won't call it for sure till a week has passed.
    LOL Gwamma thats not hot I am still not used to the heat and we have been here 9 years. YAY for no booze!
    You can do it Kymma!
    Woo for purple ketostix Jenn, I use them daily and mine are very dark purple, I love to see it, I won't bother buying another pack after this.
    Nameless I have tried that damn fine chicken, and its delicious. Im not a fan of brussel sprouts, but give me some cabbage cooked with butter, and bacon, and lemon and chilli on top, drooooool!

    When I am in ketosis, I feel kinda weird in my head, not bad or lightheaded or anything, but just different. It seems to be the sign for me. Its odd alright.

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    I'll admit, although I'm pretty sure I'm at least in "fat burning" mode, I want a blood tester. I love data and results...but the cost, oh, the cost of the strips. We're trying to save money so I can quit my job. I know I need to resist and only resort when/if I stall again. But, it would sure be nice to know a base level protein and carb so that I can adjust fat from there.

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    A word about ketostix from someone who has peed on more than a few.

    They are a fairly accurate metric as you are transitioning into ketosis but stop being of much use after that. It is not that your body stops producing ketones, it is that you get better and better at using them for fuel so they are being used up instead of excreted.

    So, at this point, a lot of people panic/give up and say "it's not working" when really it is working so well you just can't measure it with that device any more. Also for some people who may have had a fair degree of fat adaptation before trying for ketosis (being the flex-metabolism fat burning beasts that most Primal folks are) the transition can happen very quickly and so there is nothing very spectacular on the ketostix to measure.

    The only reliable way to measure ketones is a blood meter like the kind diabetics use. They sell strips specifically for measuring ketones in the section with the diabetic supplies but they are rather expensive.

    Personally, I just *know* when I am in ketosis. I just feel this laser sharp focus and clarity.

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    Thanks for that info Paleobird. I had seen something of that someplace. Its why I had not planned on buying more once these run out.
    oh yes and the super energy too, that helps me to know when I am in ketosis.
    And thanks for the inspiration to eat moar fat PB, my middle feels like its melting already, and its not been quite a week, will have official numbers on Monday though, but I do feel good.

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    Thanks for the well wishes, everyone. The good news is that for when I'm done with my meds in a few days, I know that eating higher fat will keep me very full. Keep up the awesome work!

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