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    I've been using this stuff:

    Like I say, I add plenty of salt (and garlic and a little black pepper). Tastes like ramen noodles which I used to love! Put some of those miracle noodles in there, yum!

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    The attachement didn't come through. Is there a link to it you could post? Pictures in forum threads (other than your own journal) don't seem to attach right for some reason.
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    Started on a ratio of 17-3-80 1350 cals on Monday & weighed today. 7lb lost! I can't believe it. I have never lost that amount in a month before, ever. As I have not been eating grains or sugar & restricting carbs to 5% for some months now I know it is not all water loss. Its amazing that such a simple change in diet - up the fat & lower the protein should make such a huge change. I was hoping for a lb loss as I have not been exercising at all this week & I thought 1350 cals which is just below my BMR would be too high. I am totally speechless.

    Have now got my exercise plan sorted thanks to PB fitness so hopefully will be able to keep it off next week

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    Nicely Done!

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