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Thread: The "Eat More (or Moar) Fat" January Challenge

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pebbles67 View Post
    Holy Shit! Wait sorry, I'm Probably not allowed to say that.
    Awesome Geo, simply Awesome.
    Thanks P. My current goal is to get to 199 then after that I have a mini goal of 190 which I haven't been that small since 1998(pre-pregnancy).

    On a side note, are we shutting this thread down and moving on the new one?
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    Well, I lost a whopping .6 pounds since January 2. I had an low that was 4+ pounds lower than I am today but that was after the flu so I gained it back. I took my measurements and need to compare. I'll update when I check those other figures. I am not sure what this all means as I have no appetite eating this way which is good and I didn't gain which is good. I think I'll give it another month and see where that leads me. Hopefully, I'll get my act together and add in more exercise.

    Congratulations Paula and everyone else who has had such great successes. I am glad you have found your answers to improved health. Onward and upward as they say.

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    I am so inspired to stay on this track by your success stories. I have not found GREAT success YET however:

    I AM sleeping better (even with this crummy bronchitis)
    I am not hungry
    I am not tempted (when on protocol) by inflammatory foods
    My clothes are looser

    4 days clean with my next weigh in is Valentines Day.

    Created by - Free Calorie Counter

    What am I doing? Depends on the day.

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    I hesitate to post, but hope others can find something useful

    I went from 161ish to 167ish to 164.6 today. BUT, and this is important, I dropped out of NK on Christmas day and have only just barely managed to get back there. Therein was my problem - I spent all of January trying to get back there. I learned (and this is very personalized):
    * I need the bulk of my fat from animal products (excluding most forms of dairy, except butter, because I am dairy-intolerant). Coconut oil, avocados, olives, etc. are great condiments, but don't give me enough satisfaction to keep my calories in check.
    * Consistent with the above, sweet "fat bombs" do not work for me...unless they are made with lard, ghee, etc.
    * I am EXTREMELY sensitive to "excess" carbs and protein. If I got beyond 2 or 3 grams over 20 g carbs (total) and 50 g protein, I drop right out of ketosis. This could be for a lot of reasons. I have been overweight my entire life. I've gone from 240 to 160-something. I had PCOS and am pretty confident I've battled insulin resistance.
    * This is a real mental component to this. While I'm satisfied, I no longer have the "bulk" full experience. I used to eat A LOT of veggies and meat, while still hitting roughly the same calories. My portions now are SMALL. Again, it's not that I'm hungry, it's that mentally I'm used to eating more. And, at 50 g of protein for the day, that's not a lot of meat. I love meat.
    * Planning. I travel a lot for work and have a lot of business meals. It's not impossible, but it is challenging, especially without dairy. I did not have time to experiment and figure out what I could travel with. This was problematic and what triggered a lot of the weight gain.

    So, why I'm continuing?
    * My acne, which only started in the last year (when I inadvertently went fairly low fat, upped the protein, and upped the veggies), is improving. When I hit NK, it almost completely disappears.
    * I have energy I haven't had in a long time.
    * My sleep, which has been poor for at least the last year, has improved by leaps and bounds.
    * I feel like being active again, something that has been missing for so long.
    * My mood has improved.
    * {TMI alert). My monthly cramps, which could be beyond terrible, unless I ate truckloads of veggies during PMS week, has almost disappeared - even with the veggies dump!!!!

    Also, the one week I was in NK, I dropped weight and felt great. I've now been back in NK for a few days (4?) and the weight gain (some of which may have been water) is going away. I will keep this up and see how February goes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pebbles67 View Post
    Final January Report

    SW 247.5 CW 229.2 -18.3lbs
    Hips 51-48 -3in
    Waist 38-35 -3in
    Bust 45-42.5 -2.5in The husband says the loss is in circumference not volume.
    16 inches total over 8 body parts.

    Other Stuff:
    Only 3 binge days out of 31. That is my best month in over a year.
    PMS symptoms minimal. Fewer cramps, less emotionality, no PMS binge.
    Inflammation in bad ankle has almost disappeared.
    Strength gains in the gym.
    Energy and emotions more stable. Accomplishing more tasks.
    I feel as if I am in tune with my body. I can tell the difference between tired and hungry.

    For me, this has been a revealing month. I started this thread out of desperation and hope that maybe this was my answer to stopping the binges and reaching my health goals. I feel as if I have finally cracked my own code to optimal health.
    Awesome results! I think the lack of binges is truly your victory!

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    Quote Originally Posted by demuralist View Post
    AH, good, then your husband is more reasonable than mine, congratulations.
    My husband has confirmed muscle damage from those statins. We only figured it out because we were doing the research. No doctor told him it could happen. He doesn't swallow the party line quite so easily now.
    Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt.

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    Thread shut Down

    I will put a note in this thread tomorrow morning that we have moved and a link to the new one. For now lets just celebrate here!

    The new thread is open. Please make sure to read the first post and let me know if anything is missing. In your first post, you might wish to recap your Jan. results, List goals for Feb and give "best advice".

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    yes, my husband also has more than a few of the negative symptoms, but had an aunt who passed away at 42 from a heart attack, and his dad and his brothers all had early ones as well (all survived though). In DH's case fear is stronger than reason.

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    So, Pebbles, you lost 18 lbs in one month? Wow that is awesome!

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    Results for my first month of Primal eating. Or getting closer to primal I should say. My meat is not pastured. I eat as much organic as possible. During the month I ate 2oz (yes I measured it) of bread once and movie popcorn once. I did not think letting go of grains would be this easy.

    Up until October i was unemployed I was very active. Then had a surgery, then took a desk job in November. Weight went from 142 to 147. Then December traveling and holidays. Up to 152. Yikes! Highest in over a year. I thought the pounds would fall right off. Nope!

    Up until the 21st I just focused on no grains or sugar. On the 21st, the Scale had not budged so I started adding fat. The scale started moving. The first week I hit my macros, the second week I eased up some.

    January 1@ 151.6
    January 21@ 151.6
    February 1 @ 145.6. YAY!

    My size 6 and 8 jeans are starting to fit better! My sleep is improving. I am trying to heal inflammation. I go between meals more easily. Coconut butter is my friend. Cream in my coffee is my friend. Perhaps one month I will try eating less dairy, but not yet.

    I'm 62 and 5'4". I have a feeling being in the 130's would really suit me. I used to weigh 249.8 so I understand disordered eating and struggled for 55 years. I hope that PB will help me find balance with food/life. One day at a time, eating more fat!

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