Thinking, that is. Does this forum accept refugees from WW?

I wasn't seriously considering taking the plunge until yesterday, when coming from work and desperately hungry, I ate a whole avocado. That's right. The whole thing. I felt so good afterwards! "Can something that feels so good be so wrong?" I asked myself. I have no idea what would happen if I ate a whole avocado every. But I find myself willing to find out.

For the last week, I've been recording my meals at both WW and Fit Day, and I've been selecting higher fat, higher protein and lower carb choices. And I feel great. I haven't gone primal - just cut out grains and starch and replaced the calories with fats and meats. Fit Day says my average carb intake has been around 80 grams a day. I haven't felt hungry. I haven't been starting into the middle distance fantasizing about food, or wondering if I could sneak my co-worker's M&M's.

I don't like to eat 5-6 times a day. I don't want to eat mini-meals. I don't want to graze, nibble or snack! I want to just eat a meal and then get on with my day and not lumber about with a small army of snacks and mini-meals floating about me in low-earth orbit. I'm tired of writing down everything I eat and being hungry all the time. I just want to enjoy living my life and don't want my primary concern to be "what to eat".

I promised myself I would stick to a whole 30 days of by-the-book WW. Because it was a promise, I will stick it out, and learn everything I can about BP in the meantime.

Wondering though, did anyone else start here? A WW refugee. Why did you give it up and what has your experience been like with PB?