My whole life I've had issues with irritation on my neck after shaving. I've tried different aftershave with varying levels of success. Then I discovered PB, and have been trying to make as many areas of my life primal as possible. I began looking for primal aftershave.

I've been using witch hazel for months now, and I've gotta tell ya it's working better than any of the chemical based products I use to use. Score!

Some one else posted on this site that they use witch hazel for a facial toner, so I guess I'm getting that benefit as well.

Then I started looking for primal deodorant. Some one posted that rubbing alcohol worked, as it killed the stuff that mixes with your sweat and causes you to stink. I tried this out for a week, and sure enough, it did work. It killed the stink. However, I was getting some irritation in my arm pits. Rubbing alcohol was not going to work for me.

Then I remembered that the witch hazel I get from the pharmacy is 86% witch hazel, 14% alcohol. I wondered if this would have the same destinkifying effect minus the irritation. So I tried it, and it worked! Been wearing witch hazel deodorant for a couple weeks now, and it's working great.

Nothing wrong with using witch hazel in this manner, right?