I have to admit, I fell off the soda-less bandwagon today; but, it wasn't because of holiday flavored temptation brought to me. I've got a migraine that started last night and Mt. Dew coupled with Excedrin Migraine (no longer available!) is the only thing in the past that has helped. Luckily, this isn't one of my super bad migraines; I can still function, but very slowly and I'm slightly off balance.

Typically, my migraines are weather induced. I can always tell when a major storm is coming through. However, a weather check shows nothing coming this way anytime soon. I know some migraines are hormone induced, but that hasn't been the case with me in the past. However, I did stop taking the pill a month ago and my body is not yet regular on its own again. I'm guessing this migraine could be hormone induced, even if I haven't had hormone migraines in the past.

I'm fairly new to Primal/Paleo. This past week I've been really good about avoiding the bad stuff and sticking to the right diet. I've heard of carb flu, but I don't feel sickish like the flu; I just want a guillotine! Has anyone here experienced migraines while transitioning to a fat-burning beast? What do you do for the pain that doesn't involve chemicals and sugary soda-poisons?

I think I'll go lie down in a pitch black, completely soundless room for a few hours and hope to find some good advice when I get back =) Thanks for any help you can provide!