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Thread: Damnit roomie, I don't care...

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    It's not subconscious, it's simply not there at all.

    There are many clear sodas. Years ago there was a fad of selling clear versions of normally colorful sodas - people didn't seem to care. Some uncarbonated beverages are consumed like soda (and can be carbonated - e.g. Apple juice + carbonation apparatus = sparkling apple juice) and I've heard of people intentionally serving hot/flat dr pepper for example. So I don't agree that soda categorically would not be appetizing to somebody if not for the color and carbonation.

    As for fakeness, that's not really a requirement of soda. And you miss the point on coffee... Actually, you show your bias on coffee. You talk about what we don't know as if the health benefits matter. 20 years ago people were routinely told that coffee was a mutagenic cancer causer with NO health benefits and should not be consumed. You know the results? Did it make coffee less popular? No. People enjoy the taste. They do what they enjoy.

    Maybe they should recalculate things. The world wasn't built for our enjoyment, and, like sex, maybe drinking should be a serious undertaking. Maybe.

    For now, though, your analysis is all askew because you are assuming a motive (nutrition seeking) which does not exist.
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    It's a holiday pack with flavors like "gingerbread cookie", "candy cane", "sugar plum", and "pear tree." Lovely, right?
    I like sodas and actually I can see how all of those would be appealing.

    Soda is definitely empty calories....but not unenjoyable to some of us. What is obnoxious is people shoving what you don't want in your face after you say "no thanks!". It's equally obnoxious to say "Oh that stuff is nasty".

    It is human nature to want to share what you enjoy with people. It's a two way street though. You should politely decline and they should desist. Being rude about food choice is becoming epidemic. I remember eating a tofurkey sandwich at lunch a few years ago and this bitch, every day would let me know that "That is just foul". OK, fine, I'm not even offering you a bite, but must you be unpleasant? It looked like a plain sandwich, no odor. She also did WW and LOVED to critique the point value of people's lunches. "That is so many points".

    Unless someone comes to you and says "What do you think of the taste and nutrition value of these Chips Ahoy?", just don't say anything. No one actually cares to be educated. If someone is an actual asshole about offering you food, sure, be an asshole back, but "Yay, my holiday soda came, would you like one?" (or "I baked cookies" or "Have a slice of my mom's fruit cake"is not being an asshole and merits a response like "No thank you, you enjoy!". "My holiday soda came, you are an IDIOT to not want some are you surrrrrreeee you don't, why do you follow that crazy diet" is being an asshole.

    Everybody enjoys a different mix of foods and no one has a "perfect diet". Also, no one has the same palette. Just because I don't like beer and margaritas doesn't mean I am somehow superior over in my chair swilling vodka and club soda.
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    I once had a soda that I thought tasted like Christmas tree. I liked it

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    My girlie prissy response, "If you were truly confident in what you were eating, you wouldn't constantly be belittling my food."

    I do like Him's responses - more manly.

    The only mac'n'cheese I miss is fiber gourmet pasta with butter and some very very ripe, stinky, and runny brie or camembert. And maybe the old fashioned baked version my mom used to make. But the store bought versions are crap even for the more healthy of SAD eaters (and those with taste).
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