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Thread: Since the world is ending in 2 days, will your last meal be primal? page 2

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    Human flesh...............................

    Well you'll never get the chace again

    I am actually hoping the world ends on Saturday, just when everyone thinks it's all ok
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    Quote Originally Posted by Graycat;1037386[B
    ]Are you suggesting that Primal food is somehow inferior to pasta, bread, pizza, etc?[/B] Methinks not.
    I just got a large whole fresh ham, and I'm really looking forward to enjoying it over the next few days. Yum!!
    Nope. Not saying that. I am saying I would take them as my last meal since I enjoy them more than most primal fare.
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    Yuck - why would I fill my gutt with all the gooey gluten filled grossness! If I truly thought the world was ending I would eat the most expensive filet mignon I could find! along side a huge sweet potato drowning in butter and pure maple syrup. I'd have roasted veggies too. For dessert - chocolate cheesecake! not a slice........... the whole thing! Those are my favorite things to eat!
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    We should all probably admit we wouldn't think about food during a traumatic end-of-time event.

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    I still like steak and tator. With a side salad. Only I might make some homemade rolls with honey butter. I liked the chocolate idea. Maybe something that involved chocolate and cheesecake for dessert. With caramel too. And lots of whipped topping. But that is for DH & I to enjoy later after dinner

    Oh just read the choc cheesecake posted before me.
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    We're having a pre-Xmas party tomorrow night, which also will double as the pre-world-is-ending celebration in Kona as well, for real. Mayan party treats handed out at the door, as at the stroke of midnight, we could burst into flames. Come early come hungry... Hmmm, chocolate cheesecake
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    This thread made me realize i can get myself a couple of lobster tails as a happy christmas to me

    But im disappointed in almost all of you for the tame end of life meals. Go wild like the hippie cannibal up there!
    yeah you are

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    My last final is tomorrow night. When class is done, I am celebrating with a pizza covered with everything I can think of and a bottle of vodka. If the world ends Friday, I'm gonna be mad enough to have been busting my ass this week on finals..I don't need to be kicking myself knowing I lost my last chance to eat my favorite food and drink haha

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    Shrimp, Lobster, Salmon, Lamb, Steak and Bacon dripping with tasty grease... maybe some eggs in there too, goopy melted cheese, nice buttery sauces, definitely some sort of root veggies + green veggies... wine, whiskey, possibly some ice cream or dark chocolate. Not terribly creative, but it sounds DELICIOUS to me.

    Bread, pasta, rice, beans, etc. just don't taste like much of anything to me, so I wouldn't want to make them my last meal. Part of why I love primal is it cuts out all the crap that I don't like eating anyway (but have always been "expected" to love).

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