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Thread: Water problems

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    Water problems

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    An interesting piece from National Geographic:

    Many of the world's aquifers are being pumped dry to support unsustainable agriculture. ...
    Grabbing Water From Future Generations - Water Grabbers - National Geographic

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    This is very true and has been going on overall since the 50's, and in some places for 100 years. Further more, there is no way to re-generate the acquifers. But we can make a lot more use of water reclamation and salt-water purification.

    The difference in attitudes between the US east and west coast on water use is a bit funny. On the east coast they want to use as little water as possible. On the west coast they want not a drop to be wasted (to pass by unused).

    We live inland on a larger river that flows to the ocean. By the time it gets to the Pacific it has been through at least 3 bladders, maybe 5.

    Of course, the US has many times more people than our land can support.

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