Hi there -
Been primal for almost 2 years now. Coming up on my 2nd anniversary mid January 2013.
This fall I got diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome. Oddly enough as a 46 year old female, I finally feel like things now make sense on why things have never made sense all my life!

Funny is that primal really is the recommended diet for most kids on the spectrum. So trying to get an idea if there are any other AS adults out there.
How long have you been diagnosed as an Aspie?
What are some of your primal tips that have worked for you?

I'm re-looking at my total exercise & food to see if I can better manage the stress and meltdowns.
I don't eat any grains any more AT ALL. I still do dairy, but in form of cheese or HWC. Nuts in moderation.

My goal for 2013 is to loose my remaining 30 pounds.