I like to hang out around a milestone for a while and get used to the view before I say anything. So I've actually been at my first BIG milestone for a couple of weeks now. It's been about a year for me gluten-free, and about 8 months on Paleo/Primal. As of first week in December, I've lost 100 lbs!

I thought this would be a good time to post about it, because there seem to be a lot of unhappy posts about the Primal lifestyle on the forums lately. I just wanted to add my voice to the chorus of those for whom this is working. I have a long way to go yet - I have more to lose than I've already lost, actually. But I have utter confidence that I'll get there. I feel so much better eating this way - real, nutritious food that doesn't send my blood sugar out of whack or trigger wild cravings, food that I'm in control of (rather than the other way around!) I've seen my autoimmune symptoms lessen, and gone of medications (or vastly reduced them). My blood sugar has gone from pre-diabetic levels to normal. My cholesterol levels have gone up where they needed to and down where they needed to, and my triglycerides have been cut in half. I have spent vast amounts of money on new clothes since the old ones basically fell off me. I hear compliments about my weight loss every day. And the compliments have also become questions - people notice that I've lost a huge amount of weight and want to know how I did it. I tell them as simply as I can, and point them here.

For reference, Before:

photo copy 2.JPG

Hopefully, I'll be back in this thread a year from now, posting the same post, with different pictures.