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Thread: Sleep and Hunger Hormones - a Contradictory Experience?

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    Sleep and Hunger Hormones - a Contradictory Experience?

    I have always heard that if you sleep more and better you will get a particular hormone under control (ghreline iirc) and lose weight more successfully with less hunger signal.

    Well, I am experiencing exactly the opposite impact.

    I was sleeping for maybe 5-6 hours a night, not for the lack of trying and was experiencing frequent hunger. At that time I maintained body fat relatively high (maybe 22% from the picture, around 18% on the WW scale) and weight in the low 120s and was unable to go lower (always bounced back).

    Now, I had the endless saga of woe since July when I got a horrifying stomach bug when for almost 5 days I could not hold down even water, and since then I became less tolerant of hunger, so as a result I ate more, and despite giving it a good fight, ended up pushing 130 lbs, and about 25% BF, I guess, ~ 20 on the WW scale.

    But once I started cresting into higher 120s, my sleep contrary to expectations started increasing dramatically, and I now sleep good 8 hours a night and want more. I actually took a nap on the weekend last week for the first time since I was pregnant 7 years ago.

    I don't understand, if I sleep more, I should experience weight loss/reduced appetite, not weight gain/increased appetite???

    P.S. If it makes the difference, I also gave up on trying to control the weight gain with the VLC (I was trying <30 g totals) and increased carb consumption allowing veggies and fruit to maybe ~100 g (not counting calories atm).
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