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Thread: Gunman's medications

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    Quote Originally Posted by CE402 View Post
    Which one is driving the bus, so to speak?

    Are the anti-psychotic medications causing these people to go on suicidal rampages, or are they going on suicidal murder sprees because they're mentally and emotionally unstable psychos who just happen to be taking anti-psychotic medications?

    And why on earth would someone leave unsecured weapons aroud in a hours with someone on anti-psychotic medications!?
    Thank you. There's so much speculation surrounding this horrific event that we may never know what really caused this, other than a woman who was incredibly stupid to leave unsecured weapons around a child who obviously had serious issues.

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    We can't even know for certain THAT's the case.

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    Very quickly....

    "...More recently, it has been discovered that cholesterol is needed to activate a protein called Sonic Hedgehog (SHH) which plays a central role in neural patterning, mood regulation, and cerebral development5. This could be why individuals with cholesterol deficiency are more prone to aggressive behavior, lack of attention, increased number of infections, and motor difficulty6. Cholesterol is essential for the proper functioning of serotonin receptors which are responsible for good mood and oxytocin receptors needed for good social interactions and interpersonal bonding7..."

    Chris Masterjohn:

    "...This concept, that when cholesterol made in the brain proves insufficient to meet the brain’s needs the brain can compensate by taking cholesterol from the blood, goes a long way in explaining whyall of the mental problems suffered by Smith-Lemli-Opitz Syndrome (SLOS) patients improve with dietary cholesterol. In fact, the FDA has even approved a pharmaceutical-grade cholesterol supplement to improve the retardation, hyperactivity, irritability, poor attention span, and tendency toward aggressive and self-injuring behavior seen in these children..."

    Chris Masterjohn on cholesterol

    Parental Testimonials:

    "...Dramatic decrease in aggression
    “Cholesterol raised my son’s levels from 117 to 159. We have to give 5 capsules a day to maintain that cholesterol level but we had a dramatic decrease in his aggression at school overnight when we started it. His teachers and therapists all asked us what we were doing. It was amazing for us.”
    ~ Frank, Oklahoma City, OK..."

    "...Head banging stopped
    “My son is significantly less aggressive when on just one capsule of cholesterol. He stopped head banging and being aggressive towards others; in addition, after a couple of months on the product, he started to spell for the first time. I stopped giving it for one week and his aggressiveness came back, so I am a believer.”
    ~ Mary, Atlanta, GA..."

    Bottom line, it is not just ONE factor. Once you mix a poor diet with an underlying condition/disorder/illness/disease and add to that with a cocktail of drugs.....the symptoms can become full blown and aggravated.

    We need to look a little deeper and focus a little more attention to people like Adam. Maybe the mainstream treatment and lifestyle recommendations are extremely lacking when it comes to people like Adam.

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