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Thread: Maple sub for molasses?

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    Maple sub for molasses?

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    So we are having a mostly primal holiday this weekend with our only exception being that our cake is gluten free, not strickly primal/paleo. I'm making a gingerbread cake, which calls for a ton of molasses. Anyone know if I could just sub maple for it? I found a website saying that sugar content wise it would work, I'm just wondering about flavor. Hoping someone has already experimented with something similar already maybe?


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    I wouldn't. Molasses has some good things going for it. Go do some homework on the health benefits of black strap molasses!
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    It's more that I so rarely use it that I don't want to buy a bottle just for this. I actually called my mom after I posted this, since I am feeding her, she offered what she has left of hers, so hopefully it is enough lol. it is just one of those things I just don't like the taste of much so hate to waste money on, ya know?

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    Maple syrup is so much more liquid than molasses. I wonder if it would sub 1:1 okay? I'd start with less to begin with.

    Totally not primal memory--every morning my grandmother mashed together margarine and molasses for me to spread on my homemade biscuit. it was delicious!

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    Don't expect your cake to taste anything like gingerbread if you sub maple. I agree with momrn too - you might end up with maple pudding!

    Leftover molasses is great in warm milk/cream (coconut or dairy). It also adds some zing to salad dressing, makes a good marinade for chicken and keeps forever. (Well, probably not forever, forever, but a pretty long time!)

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    Thanks everyone I thought there might be reasoning I hadn't thought of, I forgot how thick that stuff is too. Maybe I'll see if the bulk section of our health food store might have it, so I don't get stuck with a whole bottle.


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    The nice thing is that it keeps for a really long time. I think the expiration date on a new jar is a couple of years out. So you could use half the jar now and use the rest next year!

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    yes if it's truly gingerbread, it must have molasses! I second the blackstrap---lots of good stuff in there, but a stronger flavor, so some may not care for it.
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    thanks I have added it to my list to get tomorrow when I do all my last minute shopping

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