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Thread: Ooooh! Feeling really bad.

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    Go back to butter and see if that clears it up.

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    well, what are you considering high fat right now. Because what you are calling low fat is the way that I eat, and it's about 45-50% of my calories from fat, and thereby high fat.

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    I have no gallbladder (since 2005) and do OK on fat, but coconut oil did give me stomach pains at first. I had to introduce it very slowly in tiny amounts. There are certain fats that I cannot eat a lot of, bacon fat, beef fat (we are farmers and raise our own pork and beef). Butter and olive oil don't bother me. I had the meat fat issue before the gallbladder was removed tho.

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    I got mine taken out too, last october, but I cut out coconut oil way before because I noticed it gave me a weird tightness on my throat. Didn't look more into it since cutting it out cleared that. Now after the surgery I'm taking digestive enzymes, with every meal that has fat in it. Olive oil and butter don't bother me at all, except if I exaggerate, like 3 scrambled eggs with like 2tbps of butter. So yeah for me its a fact that not all fats are the same for my system , even the good ones.

    Good luck!

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    for what it's worth, my dad had his gallbladder out and eats high fat...
    His doc said that his gallbladder was so obstructed in the first place that it wasn't functioning, and that's the only reason he didn't recommend a low fat diet.

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    I second the post before saying to take exogenous bile before eating fat.

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