Just got my latest blood work results back and thought I would share. All comparison percentages are from before going primal

Total Cholesterol: 174 -8%
HDL: 35 +20% (bad genes)
Triglycerides: 142 -56%
LDL: 111 -10%
Glucose: 97 -38%
A1C: 5.4 -30%
AST: 20 -40% (liver enzymes)
ALT: 16 -69% (liver enzymes)

I have seen a couple of questions on here lately about Type II diabetes and wanted to share some things I have learned in the past year...

Lifting weights, specifically burning glucogen has greatly increased my insulin sensitivity. I went to an all you can eat buffet a few weeks ago, destroyed the meal, tons of sugar and cheesecake (I am not advocating this, just happened) and came back with a 2 hr. postprandial BS of 114 mg/dl. Burn that glucogen, create a glucose sink and your body will respond. A few months ago I was down to 299#, right now sitting at 315 and pretty damn happy. With the 15 pounds, clothing is still fitting the same and I have more muscle showing. I have been IF with one meal per day with excellent results. I still have a slight issue with bindging at night but given the timing of my meals I am able to keep my A1C in check and not overeat. If anything I was under eating for a while and once I brought my calories in check, the muscle came on.

If I would have to guess, I am about 70% primal, now to improve on that and reach my goal. Right now thinking 10% BF and about 275# should be about right (I am 6'4" and have a fair bit of muscle already)