Just started the primal diet/ life-style 4 days ago.
Feeling better already.

I used to rock climb a lot 10 years ago, but just fell out of it and a general physical lifestyle after college and working. While I maintain a general fitness, I am a computer programmer by trade, so spend a lot of time sitting. Anyway at the rock gym i quickly realized that my weight to strength ratio had changed quite a bit now that I am 33. I was chatting with a climber and we began talking about fitness and diet ( dude was single digit body fat and in good health ) and he mentioned Marks Daily Apple, and here I am

Started a profile on fitday to track my calories and activities, and I am doing sprints / lower duration cardio / strength training with yoga and core activities. Weighing in at 215 now at 6'6" , hoping to get down to about 180, or at the very least obtain a strength to mass ratio that results in low body fat. Weight in it self is not the biggest issue.

Anyway just saying howdy, thanks