I'm watching a recording i made that was on british tv some months ago before i was primal.
It's Horizon: The truth about exercise.

I'm a quarter into it and the presenter has just been made to eat a full english fry up for breakfast in aid of science.
The scientist, from the Uni of Glasgow, has taken a sample of blood before and 4 hours after the meal and spun it in a centrifuge to separate out the fat.
There is a noticeable amount of white cloudy 'fat' at the top of the '4 hr' sample compared to negligible amounts in the 'before' sample, He explains that the greater the concentration the more likely fatty deposits will form in the arteries.

I guess this is what we're all used to hearing but seeing the physical 'evidence' is a little shocking.

Is it that the deposits are unlikely to form on a high fat low grain/carb diet?