My names Anton and I'm writing to you because i feel i can add value and want some feedback on the growing obesity epidemic of our children. I know we can blame parents and blame fast food outlets but i do not want to do this. I do not blame parents of the children because it is out of the children's control, if a parent has grown up with bad eating habits it is only natural that this is passed on to the child. I do not want to blame fast food outlets because they are a multi-million dollar organization and have devised clever advertisement and funds into making the public believe their food is not that bad. I know it's bad but it's to big of a beast to combat and out of my control!

I want to know if there is a way we can educate the kids in a classroom setting. I have taken nutrition into my own hands and surpassed my parents and a lot of people i meet in healthy eating. This could be as simple as not eating white bread! I like to believe that education can help children make the right decision in life. I do not think their helpless and i think more pressure should be put on them to take responsibility for their health. I know kids are smart, most times smarter than adults.

The same old advice is given over and over and that is to eat more fruits and vegetables. What i would like to know is:
-Do these children recognize the fruit/vegetable looks like?
-Do they know the health benefits of the fruit/vegetable?
-Do they know why they shouldn't eat hamburgers and processed meat?
-Have they been shown how to prepare and cook their food themselves?
-Do they know what causes obesity and diabetes?

For me to pose these questions on a child is something i have no shame in doing. We live in a world where the temptation of bad food is everywhere. These questions are not hard for a child to understand. Education is the key and its vital to provide the opportunity for children to learn about healthy nutrition.

I do not believe in diets however i do believe in lifestyle choices. If we replace a bad food eating habit with a good food eating habit then we have just fixed a problem. I feel guilty inside when i think about how a 10 year old child is diagnosed with diabetes. Surely it's impossible for them to understand how this has happened, and when they find out I'm sure they will be frustrated at the world.

If i could prevent one child from becoming obese. If i could make one child become aware of what they are putting into their bodies. If i could make one child decide to take responsibility for their own health and ignore the mass of people eating fried chips. That would be the greatest gift we could offer.

I have not bothered preaching advice on healthy eating and tips because there is so many resources out there it's a giant ocean of information! What i wanted to entice out of you is that it is our responsibility to give our children the knowledge to combat the bad influences. This is a world where we have a choice and we need to educate our children on how to make the right decisions.

I've heard of times when school cafeterias only had brown bread and they needed a note from their parent to receive white. I've heard of times when TV did not exist and kids socialized and played outside more. Well times have changed and I'm not one to sit back and complain. I'm here to adapt and evolve and move forward. I'm here to tell you that we should be making a stand against the disease & epidemic of society and teach our kids how to remain healthy throughout their whole life.

It is rare for a person to live to old age (80years) and have great health. They always have similar advice that we can follow. I'm sure they told their friends at the time to not smoke and not eat from fast food outlets, now their dead though so that person got the last say on the matter. One of the best things to take from this is that prevention is the best medicine. We cannot live the mentality any longer that going to the doctor after a lifetime of abuse and taking some pills is going to cure a problems. We cannot believe that technology is going to cure our worst diseases. If we had prevented them in the first place this would of never happened.

People always tell me the world is getting faster and to not rush. I don't know what to say on the matter. I also have people telling me how much the weather is changing and how strange it is. For me to listen to these people and agree is something i certainly cannot do. Sure i can agree but i cannot just sit their and complain with them, jump into their shoes. What i do instead is acknowledge their perspective and then move on. You can only fix things in your control at the time and one of them is to realize that sitting their talking about how everything is bad is not one of them.

I can only do so much on this planet with my time. There is so many issues out there for examples:

-global warming
-motor vehicle accidents
-over population

If i had to invest my time into one thing then it would have to be health. To help people live longer and then contribute to this world in a better way would be great. I believe the place to start is with our children and setting them on the right track to have healthy lifestyle choices until the day they die. Once we have health settled and taken care of then we can take on problems. I'm not gonna lie, sometimes i sit back and think their is so much to the problem it cannot be fixed. For me to be thinking this and for me to be taking action means there will be people out there just like me. It's now up to me to cross paths with them and help in any way possible.

I don't have any kids, I'm 21 years old. I'm healthy and took life into my own hands at an early age. I have no interest in having kids anytime soon. I do however have interest in adding value to society in anyway possible. I'm passionate about helping people and i think health should be a priority in every bodies life. To me this means educating children while their young so they don't end up obese at 18 and unable to climb out of their deep seated bad eating habits.

In regard to feed back i really want to know what you guys think about all the thoughts i have. I also want to know if theirs anyway to further my path in this area. A first step could be to introduce cooking & nutrition classes into public schools though i don't know how to tackle this. In reality I'm just the minority and people with think I'm crazy if i said don't give your kids white bread.