Howdy all,

In a place called Temecula at the north end of San Diego County there is a place called Eden Tropics that does beef, lamb, and goat. All are grass fed/finished, totally organic (no antibiotics or hormones), raised right there, and halal butchered and processed.

Somebody posted about this a while back but the thread got lost somewhere.

They sell beef by the whole, half, or quarter cow as well as whole lambs and goats. Everything is cut up and packaged just like at the supermarket in meal sized trays. They also include all the trimmings, bones and organs. How cool is that?

Right now they are doing a holiday special combo pack of 1/4 cow+1/2 goat+1/2 lamb.

The amazing thing is how cheap this all is. When you get up into the larger sized orders like a whole cow, it works out to about $2/lb!

So, anybody in the LA/OC/SD areas who might be interested in going in splits on one of these, please let me know.

Check out their website for more details.