I haven't gone full paleo as in all honesty I don't like alot of the substitute foods and neither does my partner. We have replaced various items with gluten free organic alternatives though which may not be perfect but I guess it's better than nothing. I do find breakfast is more filling but depending on the day sometimes lunch can leave me abit peckish before evening meal time so maybe some alterations/additions there? Not sure what though as I cannot in all honesty stand sweet potato no matter how its cooked (we tried lots of online recipes)

My diet as it stands is:
Breakfast: Apple, plain omelette and a whole milk protein shake
Lunch: Sliced steak with handful of mixed salad
Evening meals: Usually chicken, pork or lamb with small amount of carbs (gluten free pasta, brown rice or potatoes) and veggies.

After training I have another protein shake and a small handful of organic pistachio nuts. I drink mainly water but when at work I do tend to have a cup of tea with lunch purely because everyone else does.

Any advice would be great