hello everyone, i'm fairly new to the primal scene & still adjusting. I have no problems with food at home (apart from a tendency to lapse into chocolate!) & the change to paleo eating has made me realise that i do have problems with wheat. I'm looking for a bit of advice or suggestions as to what, exactly, to tell the in-laws! We go round most Sundays for lunch. This week i told them i'd discovered a wheat allergy, & my mother-in-law immediately went on a shopping spree in the "Free From" section of the supermarket & emerged with bags of rice cakes, mushroom risotto & quinoa with red kidney beans. I subtly "forgot" to bring them home with me, but i'm not sure she'll take the hint. Feeling a bit ungrateful... I haven't really been primal long enough or strictly enough to be looking spectacularly fit & lean!