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Thread: This works for me too!

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    This works for me too!

    Been paleo then redefined what I was doing after reading the Primal Blueprint as "Primal" for about 2.5 years. I do raw and fermented dairy along with some home fermented veggies and limited fruit or starch (just not a fan I guess). Oh, and I always cook fatty meats and make that the center of any meal.

    I've never had a spell of not doing well while eating this way. Did drop some weight, but then worked to build up some lean mass.....but, weight loss was never a goal. The goal is and always has been optimal health and fitness.

    I eat about 60f/10-20c/20-30p if I had to break it down and most days I don't eat till lunch. I do 3-5 hours of slow jogging/week with one day of BBS lifting/week and 2-4 days of dead lifts per month recently. Plenty of energy and overall still feel great.

    See not all that exciting...and thats why these threads rarely occur
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