I dunno, I just wanted to post a postive PB post in Nutrition to counterbalance all the negative ones.

I eat Primal. I have no idea what my macros are. I eat fruit and starches without consequence. I eat a bunch of really normal foods. I eat a lot of bananas and sweet potatoes, the occasional rice and potato. I enjoy occasional cheese and cream. Probably too many sweets. I also cheat with grain on rare occasion. My diet is not limited and most normal people don't recognize that I am "on a diet". I have good energy, sleep well and work out pretty hard.

Sometimes I have non-primal foods- I may bloat or get a tummy ache if I over indulge, but for the most part, I am fine. I don't get debilitating pain or have horrid consequences like the time I ate shrimp.

I've been at this for about 13-14 months and have lost 35-40 lbs. Some months I gained a bit, some months I lost a ton. There have been stalls. It hasn't been some miraculously easy fat fall off a thon, but it hasn't been that hard of work either. There has been ice cream and chocolate on the way, some booze, a little too lax on workouts for a while. I did try and blame fruit and a few other things for some stalls that probably had a lot more to do with my love of Ben and Jerry's and decision to spend summer on my ass.

I get a lot of compliments on my appearance. I used to be complimented for being smart or having a nicely colored sweater. Now I get comments about being beautiful, gorgeous.... and to my chagrin a few old friends that "didn't remember me being so pretty". It's a glow of good health.

I did get sick this year, shit happens. My libido ebbs and flows, more related to working out than food, I think. Working out with the hot guys at the gym turns me on I guess. My husband finds me more desirable and enjoys showing me off. His libido is the same it has always been- he recently started eating meat.

Sometimes I'd rather have a pizza than a steak, but it is rare. I love steak, but it is expensive. I don't miss bagels, but I do miss doughnuts. I really like bacon and think I overeat it. January will be a break from bacon. Sometimes I want a burger ON a bun, but i never have buns in my house so the point is null.

I've enjoyed participating in the BB, but sometimes I think some posters are a bit nuts. When people post about bingeing on fruit, it makes me feel like shit. Since when is overeating fruit something to be ashamed of? I'm proud when I get the fruit cup instead of chips or fries or when I have a banana instead of chocolate. I feel badly for people who can't seem to make it work or have to do bizarre things to make it work. It sounds like a pain in the ass. I envy the people who think stevia is awesome. It tastes like ear wax to me.

There are a TON of hot people on this BB. Seriously, the before and after photos are off the charts on some of you. There are a few too many people who post that are really attractive and keep complaining about needing to lose weight and I'm not sure where it will come from. If there was a People Magazine Poll of the diet with the hottest followers, Primal/Paleo would win. I love the guys that bitch about finding shirts to fit their slim waists, broad chests and bulging biceps. They are like us big boob, small waisted ladies. I think all those men would look great in V-Neck cashmere sweaters, very fitted. Maybe MDA needs a clothing spinoff with sweater wrap dresses for women and fitted shirts for men.

I'm sure the new year will bring many new people and I hope it works for them. Being healthy and attractive and eating great food without worrying about it is a great way to live. I just wanted to throw this up as a reminder that it can be fun and easy and work without much hassle. If it really doesn't work, and you give it a good try and some time, maybe there is another solution for you.