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Thread: This is working for me....

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    Well said
    You know all those pictures of Adam and Eve where they have belly button? Think about it..................... take as long as you need........................

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    Very thoughtful post. Reasonable and taking responsibility for your own actions, i like it.

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    Thanks for a great thread idea, Magnolia. As pointed out on that other thread, the "Help! Primal isn't working" threads don't mean it doesn't work, just that happy people rarely post about it. This is a great counterpoint.

    Primal does work. What I would suggest any newbie do is give it a real, sustained, serious try by the PB book first and then try the tweaks and such to customize it as needed.

    The tweak that works for me is ketosis. But that is what works for me *now*. My understanding of Primal has evolved and changed with my journey back to health.

    The first 30 lbs came off just by "cutting the carbs". Then I found PB and was told on the forums to eat lots of bacon and toss my scale. I did and gained weight. Then I figured out that dialing back the fat while curtailing overall calories worked (still with all PB foods). So I started tracking my calories carefully and the last 35 lbs came off in five months.

    Ketosis works really well for me now that I am at a steady maintenance weight that I like. It also helps me maintain control of my epilepsy with less medication.

    Ketosis is perfectly Primal. It's just at one end of the carb curve (I can hear choco firing off an anti carb curve rant already) Mark never said that ketosis was unhealthy, his only concern was that a person in ketosis might not be able to fit a large enough variety of veggies in to get all their required nutrients. With a bit of thought and research plus nose-to-tail critter consumption, however, this is not really a problem.

    I feel awesome. I climb mountains. My weight is where I want it and steady, and I've gone from a 16 to a 6. I don't have to count calories or monitor macro ratios anymore but I never would have gotten here without tracking. This is another thing that is a YMMV.

    So, higher/lower carbs, macro ratios, tracking, including/excluding certain foods are all things to customize about PB as needed. No one poster has The Answer that works for everyone. But, this works for me.

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    Good thread, Magnolia. It sounds like the PB has made your life a lot better.

    I think it has made mine a lot better, too. I eat such better food. Better tasting, better satisfying and more, too. I eat regularly now, rather than how I used to try not to eat and then ended up eating a lot of junk instead. I make a really good steak. I don't count my carbs anymore. I don't eat much fruit, but when I do, I make sure it's really good fruit. The other day I had a perfectly ripe, almost alcoholic persimmons. I'm waiting for the others to ripen.

    I'm lifting weights now. It's something new to learn. Sometimes I end up feeling like I've been hit by a bus. My fat pants are back in rotation again. But feeling strong is amazing and it kinda makes me not care what size I am anymore. Soon I'll be able to deadlift my own body weight.
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    Quote Originally Posted by magnolia1973 View Post
    I dunno, I just wanted to post a postive PB post in Nutrition to counterbalance all the negative ones.

    I eat Primal. I have no idea what my macros are. I eat fruit and starches without consequence. I eat a bunch of really normal foods. I eat a lot of bananas and sweet potatoes, the occasional rice and potato. I enjoy occasional cheese and cream. Probably too many sweets. I also cheat with grain on rare occasion. My diet is not limited and most normal people don't recognize that I am "on a diet". I have good energy, sleep well and work out pretty hard.

    Sometimes I have non-primal foods- I may bloat or get a tummy ache if I over indulge, but for the most part, I am fine. I don't get debilitating pain or have horrid consequences like the time I ate shrimp.

    I've been at this for about 13-14 months and have lost 35-40 lbs. Some months I gained a bit, some months I lost a ton. There have been stalls. It hasn't been some miraculously easy fat fall off a thon, but it hasn't been that hard of work either. There has been ice cream and chocolate on the way, some booze, a little too lax on workouts for a while. I did try and blame fruit and a few other things for some stalls that probably had a lot more to do with my love of Ben and Jerry's and decision to spend summer on my ass.

    I get a lot of compliments on my appearance. I used to be complimented for being smart or having a nicely colored sweater. Now I get comments about being beautiful, gorgeous.... and to my chagrin a few old friends that "didn't remember me being so pretty". It's a glow of good health.

    I did get sick this year, shit happens. My libido ebbs and flows, more related to working out than food, I think. Working out with the hot guys at the gym turns me on I guess. My husband finds me more desirable and enjoys showing me off. His libido is the same it has always been- he recently started eating meat.

    Sometimes I'd rather have a pizza than a steak, but it is rare. I love steak, but it is expensive. I don't miss bagels, but I do miss doughnuts. I really like bacon and think I overeat it. January will be a break from bacon. Sometimes I want a burger ON a bun, but i never have buns in my house so the point is null.

    I've enjoyed participating in the BB, but sometimes I think some posters are a bit nuts. When people post about bingeing on fruit, it makes me feel like shit. Since when is overeating fruit something to be ashamed of? I'm proud when I get the fruit cup instead of chips or fries or when I have a banana instead of chocolate. I feel badly for people who can't seem to make it work or have to do bizarre things to make it work. It sounds like a pain in the ass. I envy the people who think stevia is awesome. It tastes like ear wax to me.

    There are a TON of hot people on this BB. Seriously, the before and after photos are off the charts on some of you. There are a few too many people who post that are really attractive and keep complaining about needing to lose weight and I'm not sure where it will come from. If there was a People Magazine Poll of the diet with the hottest followers, Primal/Paleo would win. I love the guys that bitch about finding shirts to fit their slim waists, broad chests and bulging biceps. They are like us big boob, small waisted ladies. I think all those men would look great in V-Neck cashmere sweaters, very fitted. Maybe MDA needs a clothing spinoff with sweater wrap dresses for women and fitted shirts for men.

    I'm sure the new year will bring many new people and I hope it works for them. Being healthy and attractive and eating great food without worrying about it is a great way to live. I just wanted to throw this up as a reminder that it can be fun and easy and work without much hassle. If it really doesn't work, and you give it a good try and some time, maybe there is another solution for you.
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    I could have written that!!

    But you said it all so much better.
    *My obligatory intro

    There are no cheat days. There are days when you eat primal and days you don't. As soon as you label a day a cheat day, you're on a diet. Don't be on a diet. ~~ Fernaldo


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    pretty much the same. I also have big boobs. LOL

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    It works for me too. Love the food, love the health benefits. But I have barely any boobs at all now

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    @magnolia1973 - excellent post!
    Sometimes you need to be told the truth in order to be able to see it.

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    I see grain people...

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    Love it! Very sane and reasoned and, I think, a great, balanced approach to PB. One that I try to emulate.

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