So I had this semi-strange experience last night, and I feel the need to share.

I went to a huge family gathering last night to celebrate my uncle's birthday. Now my extended family is not a small bunch, so there was food everywhere. And my grandmother, who is super sweet about understanding my eating habits, made a batch of salted dark chocolate almond bark. Yeah. I haven't had chocolate in a long time, so I thought I would have my 20% and eat some of that. I ended up eating a lot more than I intended, and I was completely wired. I was off the walls loud, dancing around, interrupting people, being majorly extroverted. Which I am not, normally. Everyone kept asking what was wrong with me, since I was acting so bizarre and everyone else was completely fine. It eventually wore off, but then a couple hours later I crashed. Hard. Nausea, headache, was awful. I then realized that both of these reactions are exactly the same as to when I have been drinking. Has anyone else had this sort of experience with sugar? I assume it's because I'm no longer adapted to having it, but I'm wondering if other people feel this way? Is there any link? Or is it just me? I know sugar generally has a strong affect on kids, so maybe this is its adult manifestation? Either way it was pretty awful and I won't be having that much sugar again any time soon!