Had my first session with a Chi-running coach yesterday. The first thing the guy said was "wow, your feet really point outwards"! I was aware of this (all my shoes end up really worn down on one side!) but didn't think it was particularly bad, or a huge problem. Apparently it is though! It was really apparent when I run (thanks to the video analysis) so I need to get this sorted before I can progress any further I think.

Have other people had this issue and corrected it? I've googled it a bit and there seems to be some controversy about whether it needs to be corrected, or is even an issue at all. It makes sense to me though - after all when you squat, your feet point out so your knees can track outwards. When you're running, your knees and legs are just moving in a straight line so obviously your feet need to be straight.

Basically I've just been trying to make sure that whenever I stand, my feet are about shoulder width apart and pointing forward, and when I walk I try to keep them that way. The instructor told me it was important to point the whole leg forward not just the foot or knee (he literally had me "picking up" my whole leg and rotating it to show me the correct position initially). It hurt a bit and felt very weird initially (muscle imbalance?) but gradually it's been feeling a bit more normal.

As an observation I was looking at everybody's feet as I made my way around town. Virtually everyone had the "duck foot" to some degree. So is this normal (now)? Or is it just because most people are unfit or have weak muscles or badly made/fitting shoes these days? Comments please!