Just in case anyone needed more of a reason to chow down on meat, here's another little known fact about vegetarianism: Vegetarian Diet - a Cause for Infertility? | BabyMed.com

I started becoming veggie when I was 18, and I never had a normal menstrual cycle. I always passed if off as being young, but the turning point was in the summer when I hadn't menstruated in a couple of months (not an unusual occurrence for me). My mum pointed out to me that it wasn't normal for a now-30 year old woman to be missing periods. Of course, in CW style, we just assumed something was drastically wrong with me.

It makes me angry that through all those years of being veggie, no doctor ever connected any of my health issues with my diet. The great thing is that the human body seems to have an amazing ability to heal itself. I started eating meat again a few months ago (thank you Primal!) and for the first time in my life I seem to be having a regular menstrual cycle!

I don't want to go the whole 180 and start telling vegetarians to eat meat, but if any of you know any veggies who have difficulty in conceiving, it might be worth mentioning the above article to them...