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Thread: What Are Your favorite Filler Foods?

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    Ah, that's easy:

    - avocados,
    - apples,
    - (raw) carrots,
    - sweet potatos (in the microwave or boiled, with butter and cinnamon)
    - vegetable soup!
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    When I need a filler food, white potatoes win.
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    Steamed vegetables with sea salt and coconut oil (or butter).

    I'll often have an apple or a banana as a snack. I eat berries often. And every few days I'll have a small bowl of white rice.

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    These sausages drip with fat so they kill hunger. Yes it's a prepared food but at least they're gluten free and MSG free.

    Two patties, a cup of herbal tea, and perhaps a little veg make an excellent 300-cal mini-meal.
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